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Our Story:

Founded in 2009, as a pilot program; EAA opened its doors to the first cohort group at a private college. Within the first year, 92% of EAA students earned a cumulative 3.7 GPA and proved to be an unstoppable force in promoting and demonstrating collegiate success. Since then, EAA continues to produce stellar results and has evolved to several colleges and universities throughout the US.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in collaboration rather than standing alone. Much like our program title, EAA is rooted in our connections to the institutions where our academic coaches are employed. EAA recognizes that all students come with unique needs and desires and to effectively support their interest, we must view them as individuals. We embrace our coaches expertise in academic services. All of our coaches are/or have been employed as counselors, advisors, and/or student coordinators. Educational Associates and Affiliates are one of the few service providers who can actually admit to: “meeting students where they are, to take them where they need to go”. Our academic coaches meet students at their respected institutions and understand our students’ ambitions, successes, and challenges on an individualized basis.

We stand by a simple formula; Priceless Services + EAA Coaches = Academic Success).                                       Genesis 22:17