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Educational Associates & Affiliates provides a unique experience that’s both inspiring and life-changing; and one of the best ways to learn more about our stellar services are from a few of our parents.

"Our family has been extremely happy with the results Educational Associates & Affiliates has provided. We were so pleased with the guidance given to our oldest son that we decided to hire EAA to guide and support our younger son. There focus on accountability, discipline and preparedness have been key ingredients in both of our sons’ success. We have been very impressed with the weekly reports, the follow through and the overall structure. The best part about working with EAA is they truly care about the students, their future and their level of confidence in supporting goals. EAA has had a significant influence in our entire family life and we are very appreciative of their service”.-Sandy & Scott Becker

“My son has been diagnosed with Asperger's since he was 10. As you can imagine at times my wife and I felt as though we were in the dark with respect to our son's matriculation in school and social environments. The best thing we did for our son was to get him supports early on. We started in elementary school and continued to current day "college". He is now 21 and doing extremely well with his Academic Coach. The services this Coach provides are phenomenal. They meet twice a week at UMBC on the Shady Grove Campus for sessions. Given this investment, I would endorse others to really look into this program (Educational Associates & Affiliates). Not sure if anyone else has researched programs but this one is excellent in my book”.-Michael Trendon

“Guys; I don't want to continue to give Educational Associates & Affiliates a "plug" but the proof is in the pudding. Prior to working with EAA my child was stumbling through her studies and life. With EAA, she is on target. She showed me her grades today (3 courses, 3 "A's") from her Montgomery College online account (first time she has shared personal academic information with me in a long time). She was so proud and I was proud for her as well. Not only do I feel like we are on the road to a better relationship, I also feel as though she is happy. Amazing how one semester with the "right" program can transform my daughter's outlook”.-Diane Simon

“My son attends MC and EAA has been paramount in supporting his every need. When I first met the Director, I was impressed with how much he knew about the institution, the key players (DSS counselors), and selecting the “most accommodating” professors. Since being with Educational Associates and Affiliates, my son has been performing quite well. Let me tell you my son is far from being “Einstein” but I’ve seen significant improvements with his motivation. He loves working with his Coach. It’s probably because of his ability to make learning interesting, accountable and relative to my son’s personality”.-Kathy Simms

“Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has special abilities to motivate and have others believe in them . Furthermore, it is also difficult to see success in such a short time frame … and to imagine that together they can have your child do even greater things in life than what they’ve accomplished in earlier years. In a rare moment of time a special group of professionals has emerged in my circle. That group is called Educational Associates and Affiliates. Our Son, his Mother and I are very grateful for the “Leadership" of this wonderful program”.-Mr. and Mrs. John and Cecelia Smith

"Back in 2013, I was looking for insight on the right supports to aid my child through Montgomery College. Although the 2 year threshold for a typical student didn't meet my child's abilities, I'm proud to say the outcome was reached. Nothing could have been achieved without the help of Educational Associates & Affiliates. EAA has been there every step of the way. Now this fall, 2016 my child is on to the University of Maryland, College Park with a 3.2. Keep in mind the start was in Developmental classes :(

I have decided to continue with EAA. No need to market EAA, it markets itself".-Stephen Cullinan

“After my son return home due to an unsuccessful freshman year away at college, my wife and I decided to look for help with our son to access Montgomery College. Enrolling with EAA, my son was able to manage his anxiety in coming to a new place and taking the Accuplacer placement test. After a semester of review he was successful in moving forward. EAA’s high level of attention and prompting has elicited a very strong level of motivation from my son which has gone a long way toward improving his attitude. He is excited about his next term”.-Ray Horn

"For those with a child that learns differently and wonders how your child will deal with college; a potential answer has helped our son. Educational Associates & Affiliates has helped in so many ways, including preparing our son for class schedules and the related scenarios of scheduling, accommodations being understood, walk through of the campus, and making sure his goals are met. During every session, the EAA Coach ensures he knows what to do, when to do it, and what materials to review to make sure our son is completing all his assignments accurately and timely. The use of Educational Associates & Affiliates has given our son a great shoulder to rely on and still makes him personally responsible for completion".-Robert and Mickie Monsheimer

My children, both young men, have struggled with traditional education throughout their lives. Although with their challenges, they’ve always wanted to move forward in their respective educational plans. My husband and I soon learned Universities that "offered support services” always fell short when understanding the needs of our unique sons. A friend of mine referred us to Educational Associates & Affiliates. With their support, my young men, are achieving their goals. Whether facing college and seeking a job, EAA, has coached, tutored and supported my boys in a supportive and productive manner.-Suzanne & Herbert Friedman

The proof is in the degree, our son graduated after 3 years with an Associates in Applied Science, and is moving on to obtain his bachelor’s degree. He will continue to get support from Education Associates & affiliates, to make sure the great progress continues. The degree he received is greatly to the stands and the knowledge that this organization brought to the table.-Robert Monsheimer

"Well, I’m back and guess what my child completed their first full year at UMD with a 3.0. Anyone who has been to UMD understands this is an accomplishment given the external and internal challenges. It’s a different ball park and much more intense. EAA has been there with my child as well as when I needed them. Sometimes it’s just nice to talk to someone who understands. EAA recommended starting as a part-time (3 courses) student for two semesters and it was the best advice to build up my child’s confidence and stamina. This summer my child is enrolled in a course and this fall will start with a full-load (4 courses)".-Stephen Cullinan

“Since our son graduated from high school in 2010, we have poured a lot of money into a program that wanted to use a cookie cutter approach to his unique learning difficulties and it hasn't worked.

I have been researching government and private services in the Washington DC area for months now that will provide our son with a highly-structured week day schedule while he works toward a more independent and meaningful life. This HAS NOT been an easy task. There is no agency/organization who stores all the pamphlets that I need. It is often hit and miss, keeping my ear to the ground and learning as I go.

When I began working with EAA, I could feel the winds of hope lifting me up once again. Within 2 days of our making a verbal agreement, our son's new academic coach had designed a highly-structured weekly schedule that includes 2 Montgomery College courses, a volunteer job that he will work at 2 days a week, much needed physical activity and time to have a life-skills coach work with our son in our home and community. He took time to get to know our son and write a plan that meets his unique needs. When I told my husband about what he had done, he shook his head and said, "Finally, someone who believes in our son like we do!"-Jennifer Vassilas

"Educational Associates & Affiliates has been working with our son for a year now and we have seen more progress during this time with EAA than with any other program our son has been involved in. Thanks to EAA our son has found a new passion to college and career opportunities. James has been able to hold down a job and grow immensely. He is doing a better at completing college classes to the end instead of dropping out when things get tough. Prior to EAA, my son (who has Aspergers) was in another program that was extremely expensive and didn’t produce the results EAA has been able to achieve with James in such a short time. The staff is not only extremely capable in supporting our son’s needs, they show a genuine interest. James continuously thanks his Coach and tells my husband and me how much EAA really cares about him and his success. When James was with the more expensive program he was disengaged and barely left his apartment (which was less than a mile from their building). James’ largest complaint about that program was how the “staff” treated the students like children. James attends nearly 100 percent of his meetings with EAA and always has something nice to say after each session. We are very grateful for EAA and the progress James has shown".-Mr. and Mrs. Boothe

“My experience with Educational Associates and Affiliates has been a wonderful opportunity for my daughter and a great comfort to my family. This experience prepared her for an avenue she thought probably impossible. From her association with EAA, she has blossomed into a self-confident, self-reliant and successful young lady…All she needed was outside support and someone to believe in her”.- Kipp H. Sutphen

An absolutely wonderful organization. For parents with special needs children who possess the "capacity" to earn a college degree, but lack the discipline, organization, or other higher functioning skills needed to move forward in this regard, EAA offers skilled, professional, personalized, hands-on, and truly understanding and caring educators that can help move your kids forward. I enlisted the help of EAA to assist my son in this regard, and he has performed above and beyond my expectations and the call of duty. EAA is simply awe-inspiring. A gift from heaven. 4 stars”!!-David Wiegand

“What really separates Educational Associates & Affiliates from other programs is the staff’s drive to help students succeed both academically inside and outside the classroom as well as their ability to inspire and build confidence in the students. I have never seen a program so dedicated as EAA. They are tireless advocates on behalf of the students and support parents too in the process. I saw this firsthand by seeing the way they worked and supported my son. After securing services with EAA, they immediately put my son at ease and helped him stay focused. EAA provided support and took my son through the process of attaining his personable and academic goals. EAA not only spends time working with students but he also makes the time to be on campus cultivating relationships with professors and counselors in order to build relationships and help bridge gaps for students. I am also truly impressed on how EAA is able to connect with students and parents. They are great communicators and make themselves completely accessible by phone, email or text. After each tutoring session EAA sends the students and parents follow up emails to go over what was worked on in the session and plans for the future session. I completely and wholeheartedly recommend EAA to anyone. I often share with people it was the best money I ever spent and I know my son would agree too”.-Judy Byer

In 2012 we asked EAA to help our son prepare for the Montgomery College Accuplacer placement test. EAA set up a schedule of twice weekly meetings with our son, including sending our son a calendar that blocked out not only the scheduled meetings but the time our son would need to get to and from each meeting and the time he would need to complete the practice assignment after each meeting. EAA kept my husband and I informed regarding our son’s progress on a very frequent basis and conferred with us regarding the strategies he planned to take to help our son prepare.

Our son’s initial practice tests suggested that without the coaching EAA provided he would not have performed up to his ability. He would have had to spend the fall semester taking remedial not-for-credit classes. The boost of confidence his success on the Accuplacer gave him means a lot to our son and to us as we start down this scary college path.

Bottom line, EAA came through. Every kid is different and has his or her unique learning goals. Our experience with EAA is that they lived up to their claim of individualizing coaching to match our son’s needs. We will continue to use their coaching services during the transition to college and throughout the semester.-Linda Harris

My daughter was struggling to finish two incomplete classes from an out-of-state college due to her disabilities. EAA provided her with coaching that was consistent, flexible, inspiring, kind, and supportive and she completed both classes successfully. Educational Associates & Affiliates also helped her navigate the academic advising and disability support services at our local community college so she can get back on campus and finish her degree. We are very grateful to EAA and highly recommend their services!-Emily Novick