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Much like our priceless academic coaching, our tutoring is founded on three pillars of supports:

* Individualization

* Knowledgeable acumen

* Skill Acquisition/Application

Receiving tutoring from EAA will promote benefits of a systematic structured learning experience. We provide greater congruence between the tutor and learner. Our sessions improve academic performance, attitude toward a subject area, as well as personal growth. All tutors are motivated through self-paced and self-directed learning. Each session is centered on:

  • Encouraging higher levels of thinking.
  • Increasing motivation to learn new material.
  • Increasing one’s ability to manage own learning and study strategies.
  • Increasing subject specific knowledge.
  • Increasing related general knowledge.
  • Increasing understanding of subject area.
  • Improving attitude toward subject area.

For information on our affordable hourly fee, please feel free to contact one of EAA's representatives by using the contact form located on our "Contact Us" page.