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Our Competitors:

We stand by our services and support a comprehensive methodology. What we don’t tell you is by offering a multifaceted program; we place students in groups and categories to compensate for our inflated business expense. Unfortunately the “quality of services” we stand by are compromised for the quantity of contracts. Additionally, the majority of our “student” goals are not met because of challenges with “trained” staff and resources; thus resulting in student dissatisfaction and problems with “buy-in”.

What makes EAA standout?

We value our service and back it up with a customized approach. EAA levels the playing field by instituting a team method of employing consultants who have connections at colleges, universities, and trade schools where our students attend. EAA employees aren’t seen as third party individuals who threaten the philosophies of respected “Institutions of Higher Learning”. EAA employees are experts in their field (some are college counselors, advisors, student service coordinators).They maintain relationships at respective colleges while building new ones. EAA employees gather information, communicate with professors, attend meetings with collegiate staff and preserve a sense of camaraderie amongst their colleagues. Our employees pride themselves on promoting quality of services over quantity of contracts (“we don’t bite off more than we can chew” to compensate for our business expense"). There’s virtually no overhead expense for our service, thus supporting affordability and providing a “blueprint” for staying focused on the measurable outcome; supporting our students with successful academic results.